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YOURSAY | ‘Is Asyraf suggesting everyone should be forced to believe in God?’

Allow UEC-holders to take the CLP

YOURSAY | ‘I suggest we create a Ministry of Men’s Sexual Wellbeing.’

DAP needs PSM to save Malaysia

YOURSAY | ‘Splitting a few votes may make all the difference in winning GE14.’


YOURSAY | ‘Husni’s ‘anak buah’ claim makes us fear for the dark future ahead.’

YOURSAY | ‘If D Jeyakumar is truly that enthusiastic, no point fielding opponents against him.’

YOURSAY | ‘Other countries have already completed their probes, yet we are still investigating.’

Sri Lanka Still Isn’t Serious about Confronting its Dark History

YOURSAY | ‘So which version of BM is not broken? Kelantanese, Johorean, Sabahan, ‘bahasa pasar’?’

YOURSAY | ‘Don’t throw stones when you live in a glasshouse.’

YOURSAY | ‘Ambiga is fully and lawfully entitled to maintain her silence on PAS-Sarawak Report case.’

Peaceful Malays and gangster ‘pendatangs’

YOURSAY | ‘If the preacher is innocent, M’sia should let him go to India to clear his name .’

Raja Petra’s gutter language reveals..much of himself! – K. Siladass

YOURSAY | ‘Bilai Sapno, my hats off to you. Don’t care what those critics say.’

YOURSAY | ‘Only a coward will avoid facing tough questions from reporters.’

YOURSAY | ‘Hadi has given Clare the opportunity she has been waiting for’

YOURSAY | ‘He should commit in writing to reforming our democratic institutions and processes.’

YOURSAY | Probe is lacking evidence because you refuse to see the evidence right in front of you.

YOURSAY | ‘He shouldn’t have been left to roam among young children.’

YOURSAY | ‘The rakyat had expected Khalid to come clean on this incident.’

YOURSAY | ‘None is he so blind as he who not see. That best describes you, Nazri.’

The great MIC hoax

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