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YOURSAY | Indeed, which wrongs did 1MDB specifically correct?

YOURSAY | ‘Don’t keep blaming DAP for your own political impotence.’

 YOURSAY | “By setting up a task force, the AG is doing the police’s job.”

YOURSAY | ‘He has dug his own hole and unless he repents, he will not be able to claw himself out.’

 YOURSAY | ‘MCA misses the point by telling the opposition to apologise for doubting the cops.

YOURSAY | ‘For simple voters like us, fulfilling nos 4 and 5 will suffice.’

Non-Malays are irrelevant to Malaysia’s future

YOURSAY | ‘As long as we practice race-based politics, the pendatang issue will never go away.’

Tamil secondary school as Deepavali gift for Indians

YOURSAY | ‘So the prime minister is immune from any civil suit?’

The enemies of our secular state  

YOURSAY | ‘To our eternal shame, Kassim Ahmad was hounded by the authorities to his grave.’

YOURSAY | ‘For 30 years, Proton did not see fit to hire a Chinese M’sian to helm the company.’

YOURSAY | ‘Ridhuan is correct to say ‘sensitive’ Muslims should not touch money.’

YOURSAY | ‘Most of the dud education establishments are for the enrichment of cronies.’

YOURSAY | ‘To defend and justify the mistake will create even more damage to Umno.’

YOURSAY | ‘Every time an extremist screams his head off, are we going to cave in?’

YOURSAY | ‘How does a school event end up with students paying homage to Umno?’

 YOURSAY | ‘Najib, the real bosses of civil servants are the taxpaying rakyat.’

YOURSAY | ‘Isn’t the Umno division chief acting against the PM’s campaign on moderation?’

YOURSAY | ‘I send my child to school for an education, and not for party political propaganda.’

YOURSAY | ‘If MIC has done so much for the Indians, why are they still so poor?’

YOURSAY | ‘Selective gratification will always be viewed upon with suspicion.’

YOURSAY | ‘Everything said at the MACC’s building launch sounded hollow.’

YOURSAY | ‘We are a tolerant society, and do not need discriminating acts and signage…’

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