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M’sians will soon forget the children who died in school fire

YOURSAY | ‘What concern M’sians was he received US$681 million in his personal bank accounts.’

YOURSAY | ‘Who is accountable for this tragedy that has left so many families grieving?’

YOURSAY | ‘He would have shown true leadership and credibility by facing the press.’

YOURSAY | ‘It’s a non-Muslim event and PAS is imposing their religious values on non-Muslims.’

YOURSAY | ‘The entire RCI has been politicised to the extent of it becoming a farce.’

YOURSAY | ‘PAS Youth has the same kind of political and religious affinity to the Buddhist racialist in Myanmar.’

The Parliament we once had

What does KJ have to say about Tamil Malar violence?

YOURSAY | ‘Endorsing a court judgment cannot by any stretch of the imagination be defamatory.’

YOURSAY | ‘Die-hard nationalists will scream but it’s too late. Proton has been sold.’

YOURSAY | ‘Didn’t you promise to repeal the Sedition Act some time ago?’

YOURSAY | ‘One would have thought Sultan Nazrin would have waxed lyrical about Abdul Razak.’

The law is an ass

YOURSAY | ‘MCA ignores the real haters and the divisive politics played up by their master.’

YOURSAY | ‘Announcing special holidays on short notice will cause financial losses.’

YOURSAY | ‘If three-cornered fights cannot be avoided, Harapan must start preparing now.’

YOURSAY | ‘It (Malaysiakini) helps Malaysians make up their minds about issues affecting them.’

YOURSAY | Truthfully, the situation is ‘really no hope’.

YOURSAY | ‘Imagine your fund manager embezzling your money and claiming it was ‘lost’.’

MERDEKA: What does it mean for the people?

YOURSAY | ‘The order is – take out Malaysiakini.’

YOURSAY | ‘It’s time women put some integrity and sense into our political system.’

YOURSAY | ‘There was no contrite nor remorse shown by them over his death.’

A Merdeka message for the next prime minister

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