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YOURSAY | ‘Hardly a handful of Johoreans can afford to buy the apartments in Forest City.’

YOURSAY What the developers have in mind is to turn Forest City JB into the next Shenzen of China, to compete with Singapore.

YOURSAY ‘The fact many households live on handouts is clear evidence that the gov’t's policies have failed.’

YOURSAY | ‘Assuming it sold all the 6.8 percent it bought at half the purchased price, EPF lost RM500 million…

YOURSAY | ‘The AGs of Singapore, Switzerland, US and other countries have found irregularities in 1MDB but…’

Looks like being poor is a crime?

What would it take to end BN’s rule over Malaysia?

YOURSAY | ‘They have to stand up for their dignity as this handout culture is a vicious cycle of servitude.’

YOURSAY | ‘No matter what, the perception is just that – both public institutions are tainted.’

YOURSAY | ‘The PM is dishing out sound advice on corruption. And with a straight face too.’

Kula: No moral policing on dress code for Thaipusam festival

YOURSAY | ‘Who appointed Barnabas to be a fashion police for Thaipusam?’

YOURSAY | ‘A kleptocrat, if MO1 is one, will have other sources of revenue.’

YOURSAY | ‘They can go to the moon for all we care if they use their own money.’

YOURSAY | ‘Who would simply bank in the money and not inform the beneficiary?’

YOURSAY | ‘The ‘guilty’ are always afraid of being transparent and the truth.’

YOURSAY | ‘Bahri, you are one of the fine Malaysians who have principles.’

YOURSAY | ‘I clearly remember when BRIM was first introduced, cash was handed out by BN parties.’

How spouses of world leaders travel

YOURSAY | ‘Federal debts are at an all-time high, which means taxpayers pay more as a result.’

YOURSAY | ‘Allocation for Chinese schools announced in October 2015 and was in effect from January 2016. Thus, MCA has been sleeping and suddenly woke up to find the coffers empty.’

YOURSAY | ‘The opposition, if given the chance, has no shortage of credible leaders.’

YOURSAY | ‘How many FGV-like assets is EPF holding and will be forced to hold in future?’

YOURSAY | ‘The way to prevent bus tragedies is to improve quality, not higher salaries.’

YOURSAY | ‘Why would the Perak sultan chose to use such a roundabout way in sending a message?’

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