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YOURSAY | ‘Ali Hamsa has no business asking civil servants to support Najib.’

Stop before running off the cliff — BN Government must not table the 355 Bill

YOURSAY | ‘Why so worried, since 1MDB has nothing to hide?’

YOURSAY | ‘The root problem is our labour laws and the way ‘slave labour’ is brought into the country.’

The bodies and lies buried in Wang Kelian

YOURSAY | ‘When the country has racial policies, how do you expect the people to be united?’

Industry groups unanimously reject the EIS

YOURSAY | ‘It is high time the gov’t extricates its head from the sand and face the real world.’

YOURSAY | ‘Stop blaming or pushing the blame to others for the economic problems you had created.’

Islam for Muslims or Islam for all? islam

YOURSAY | ‘They can build car park over it, but the hidden memories of the unmourned won’t go away.’

YOURSAY | ‘Anuar, you have singlehandedly managed to draw attention to your stupidity…’

YOURSAY | ‘We have something that no other Muslim-majority country has – a functioning democracy…’

YOURSAY | ‘To hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially – Socrates.’

YOURSAY | ‘As long as the corrupt tops are roaming free, there will be more lower level corruption.’

YOURSAY ‘For 2017, the budget for civil service pay is RM77.4 billion or 36 percent of the gov’t expenditure.’

YOURSAY | ‘A full military-precision ops to kidnap a pastor, of all people, for just RM30,000?’

YOURSAY | ‘It would be a dereliction of duty for any politician with conscience not to speak up…’

We demand the change that is still owed to Women today, AWAM

Happy International Women’s Day: Celebrate and continue the struggle

YOURSAY | ‘The whole situation has been mismanaged by Putrajaya and Wisma Putra.’

YOURSAY | ‘Umno has learned well the motto, ‘I help you, you help me’.’

YOURSAY | ‘But Rafizi, the 60 percent who do not support Umno may not be registered voters.’

YOURSAY | ‘His departure confirms that MCA is incompatible with courage and righteousness.’

YOURSAY | ‘There is nothing that says history needs to compel actions of the future.’

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