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YOURSAY | ‘Bumiputera status should not be given as a gift for loyalty to Umno.’

YOURSAY | ‘Harapan’s ship is doomed to sink. This should be good news to Umno.’

‘Yenge poh renge?’ – Rejecting Najib’s overtures towards Indian Muslims

YOURSAY | ‘Go debate the old man and win hands down. GE14 will be Najib’s on a silver platter.’

YOURSAY | ‘I thought BN would be celebrating that DAP was ‘sidelined’ in Harapan.’

YOURSAY | ‘The next move is to work out the strategies needed to win rural Malay voters.’

Speak the Truth and shame the devil!

YOURSAY | ‘Why does the ROS take four long years to order the re-election?’

YOURSAY | ‘Is there a difference between our courts and Singapore’s?’

Najib needs Indians more than they need him

YOURSAY | ‘Najib, when you pointed a finger at others, three others are pointing back at you.’

YOURSAY | ‘Why is PM using 1MDB money to pay for religious obligations of just one community?’

YOURSAY | ‘What is more shocking is the eagerness of the two judges to remain in office.’

YOURSAY | ‘Leaders are remembered for their principles, not their money or position.’

YOURSAY | ‘This is not a matter of right and wrong; it’s about power and control.’

YOURSAY | ‘They don’t have an agenda except to ensure those breaking their laws are punished.’

YOURSAY | ‘I can’t understand why I have no right to know why I was barred from travelling.’

YOURSAY | ‘With politicians like you around, criminals will have a field day.’

Why Muslim cook in a vegetarian food stall?

YOURSAY | ‘MIC is in no position to criticise their masters for the injustices Indians suffer.’

YOURSAY | ‘The notion that a M’sian has to file a report in US to kick start the probe is incorrect.’

YOURSAY | ‘When a PM is not known for telling the truth, rumours abound.’

YOURSAY | ‘And why should Jasa get involved in the surrender of jewellery by Kerr?’

What’s in a name change – UAE’s Mariam Umm Eisa mosque

YOURSAY | ‘Someone is clearly now between a rock and a hard place.’

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