Speak the Truth and shame the devil!

Speak the Truth and shame the devil!

-M. Kulasegran, July 16, 2017.


KulaIn a number of online portals including Malaysiakini and Malaymailonline in an article entitled “The unveiling of Pakatans’s Game of Thrones” by a writer Karamjit Ghill has been published.


Reading the article one will be immediately alerted that I have been mentioned as a Sri Lankan camouflaged as an Indian representative in the Pakatan Harapan line up.


Let me make it clear that I am there because of the DAP. The assertion by Karamjit is not only untrue but defamatory. His claim that I am a Sri Lankan is an outright lie.


I am a Tamil by birth and from descendents of the Tamils from India. My great grandfather came over to Malaya in the 19th century from a village from a state now known as Tamilnadu.


Over the years I have raised the killings of Sri Lankan Tamils in their Civil War both in and out of our Parliament. I have said the political leaders of Sri Lanka have committed war crimes. I had even arranged for the “documentary– Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” to be screened in Parliament house.  But all these do not change my birth status to a Sri Lankan!!


Karamjit has picked from the thin air some untrue statements about me and has painted that I am not worthy person to be in the Pakatan Harapan’s Presidential Council line up being a supposedly Sri Lankan.


I noticed over 100 people have shared this article from the Malaysiakini publication. Malaymail has since removed the posting


I respect Karamjit’s right to criticise the Pakatan Harapan’s leadership line up. Although his arguments against the line up are flawed and shallow, he can and should be permitted to write but he should write the truth and don’t twist the truth!!


However, Karamjit should know that many more appointments will be made over the time to the committees of Pakatan Harapan. A cross section of all and sundry will be included in the bigger picture.


DAP has in the past worked with other opposition to for the bigger political agenda of bring about a better Malaysia. We will not accept ourselves or any particular race to be sidelined. Further the DAP will ensure the PH policies will not discriminate against any race and PH policies will be color blind


There are writers like Karamjit and others, for their own motive s and reasons, love to run down Pakatan Harapan. However, they should not run down Pakatan Harapan without credible evidence, more so with unsubstantiated allegations!


Karamjit should have the courage and decency to withdraw his lie and apologize to me or he will be forever labeled as a liar.



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