YOURSAY | ‘The next move is to work out the strategies needed to win rural Malay voters.’

YOURSAY | ‘The next move is to work out the strategies needed to win rural Malay voters.’

The hard work begins for new Harapan


Anwar, Dr M on top of Harapan’s finalised line-up

your say1yrsayhardworkTrueglitter: The long-awaited formation of Pakatan Harapan deserves the unanimous support and encouragement of all right-thinking rakyat, acknowledging the fact that never in the annals of our nation has its people been so undignified by the alleged acts of corruption and abuse of power by the BN leadership, particularly the untouchable Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).

At the approach of the imminent GE14, it is opportune to reiterate that the formation of Pakatan Harapan is both timely and judicious as its leaders need to harness and strategise their collective endeavours to go to ground and win the hearts and minds of the voters.

Anonymous #37634848: Harapan has a pool of dedicated and capable leadership both at the top and bottom.

Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, have shown magnanimity and true leadership. There is indeed ‘harapan’ (hope)!

With more than 50 percent of voters in the opposition’s bag in the last election, it is not that difficult to win the next GE.

FellowMalaysian: I hail the leadership line-up of Harapan as it reflects a good compromise among its leaders.

Anwar has been rightfully and deservedly recognised as the de facto head of the coalition and will become the head of the pact once the legal process to allow him to do so has been cleared.

The big question now is while Anwar is still in jail, who will assume the crucial role of helming Harapan and leading the opposition’s charge in the upcoming GE14?

Although Mahathir did not make any suggestions as to who the person might be taking up the post of “the seventh prime minister”, I have a strong hunch that the role will fall on the shoulders of former deputy minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Headhunter: That’s the way to go. All those elected must play their part by showing exemplary leadership quality and work hard to win the next election.

Harapan also has to deal with unelected leaders, some of whom will be offered money to disrupt and destroy the party from within. A firm and quick action is required to deal with them.

Don’t be afraid to lose members who betray their own party, they are not worth keeping or wasting time on. Malaysians have very high expectation from Harapan because many of us see this as a last opportunity to turn the country around.

The next move is to work out the strategies needed to win rural Malay-based electorates not only from BN but also PAS. They are the ones who will be the kingmaker.

Anonymous 759201436321741: At least on paper, the Harapan line-up offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

With three deputy presidents and three vice-presidents in the hierarchy, and with representation from all communities, perhaps a new Malaysia Boleh might emerge.

Anonymous 29051438068738: If Mahathir can maintain the vim and vigour of this coalition like the way he has maintained his 92-year-old frame and kept his wits about him, I’m sure it will be something to look forward to.

AntiRacial: I think Najib will definitely be very mad with his ministers who kept pressuring the opposition to reveal their line-up.

Now, after the opposition has revealed their line-up, which is very acceptable to all rational Malaysians (except to Umno lackeys), it has backfired on them.

They cannot spread the same lies anymore, saying DAP (read: the Chinese minority) will run the government, Malays’ right will be jeopardised, Islam will be at risk as the main religion, etc.

Now Umno need to find some other ways to spread new lies and spook the Malays from voting for opposition.

EmEmKay: Ever since GE12, when a disorganised opposition managed to win five states and deny BN its two-thirds majority, I feel happy that our beloved country is heading towards a two-party system.

Moreover. the dynamic coalition’s logo surely makes my day. Harapan, you definitely are going to take over Putrajaya in GE14.

Wira: Harapan, from the line-up, the obvious the target is Peninsular Malaysia. Reduce Umno’s share in Parliament by 25 seats and there will be a new government after GE14.

BN will collapse with East Malaysians switching to Harapan when they know the Malays have deserted Umno. PAS is PAST.

Legit: There are many others who are not in the leadership line-up list. Lim Kit Siang, Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli, Liew Chin Tong, R Sivarasa, Husam Musa, Khalid Samad, etc.

However, not all have to be in this line-up as this is mainly for “administrative purposes”. I am sure these good leaders will hold ministerial positions or play important roles in the new administration (should Harapan win GE14).

Monty: At last, the opposition is moving forward. I hope that Mahathir and other opposition leaders will continue to come up with more policies and the changes they will make when they win office.

And please cease all negative public comments and speeches. There must be a united front as Umno will seek to exploit every remark made by opposition leaders.

Anonymous 2251681440225523: Forgive and forget. Past deeds and actions are lessons learnt. Thrive for a united Malaysia. Make sure every race is proud to be Malaysian. Bring back the honour and pride that we have lost under these kleptocrats.

Get rid of unworthy characters in all government institutions, including the judiciary. Be fair to all. God is always on the side of righteous people. God save Malaysia.

Neutral Stance: I am looking forward to a future where Malaysian can hold their head up and walk with confidence again.

Ikan Merah: Yes, red is the colour. Red is the future. Red is victory. Red is what we all are waiting for. Red is what the rakyat want. Red is Putrajaya. Red is forever.

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