YOURSAY | ‘PAS Youth has the same kind of political and religious affinity to the Buddhist racialist in Myanmar.’

YOURSAY | ‘PAS Youth has the same kind of political and religious affinity to the Buddhist racialist in Myanmar.’

PAS now showing its true anti-Christian face


A vote for Harapan is a vote for DAP, says PAS

your say1yrsaypasantichineseDaniel: “DAP’s movements are shadowed by the Christian evangelist agenda which has the ambition to establish a secular state,” said PAS Youth chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi.

Firstly, this man exposed himself as a Christian hater and an enemy of Christianity. Secondly, if any party has a Christian evangelist agenda, wouldn’t it be their purpose to set up a Christian state rather than a secular one?

Having read this, we should be pretty sure where the Christian votes wouldn’t go to, come GE14.

Goldee: These fools are emulating Umno Baru in saying a vote for Pakatan Harapan is a vote for DAP.

This was the same thing said by MCA and Umno Baru when PAS was part of Pakatan Rakyat – that a vote for DAP is a vote for PAS.

Basically: Yes, PAS is now sounding exactly like Umno. They are even using the same words and phrases. Very soon, as George Orwell wrote in his book ‘Animal Farm’, it would be a case of, “You couldn’t tell one from the other”.

Funny thing is, DAP as a party is exactly as it was in 2008 when PAS was their coalition partner, so either PAS is being stupid to only realise their mistake now, or PAS people are dishonest and devious schemers, which is highly un-Islamic behaviour, if you ask me.

Vgeorgemy: PAS’ Youth has the same kind of political and religious affinity to the Buddhist racialist nationalistic suppression of the minorities in the name of religion as currently experienced by the Rohingya Muslim communities in Rakhine, Myanmar.

What issue does Muhammad Khalil have with the minorities having a different way of life and religious belief from that of the majority in Malaysia?

Muhammad Khalil forgets or fails to understand the minorities’ way of life and religion are protected as fundamental rights in our beloved constitution.

We are committed to defending our rights as long as our nation has such fundamental rights. Muhammad Khalil has no choice but to accept the constitutional reality, while pursuing his political ambition.

Anonymous 2475091498015598: An apple does not fall far from the tree. This man is so shallow to say that DAP will make Christianity the major religion. Muslims are the majority in the country – and yet you are telling me they can be converted?

Are they so weak? What baloney. This is how PAS does their brainwashing at the kampungs. Please Khalil, say something that is new and original. You are the same material as the kampung folks you belittle as simpletons.

Give them the respect due to them. It is really sad you can go on telling lies when you are supposed to be honest. Do not mislead the masses who trust you. Speak the truth.

Clever Voter: Someone should tell him to be more original than to read the same scripts written for BN.

A vote for Harapan is a vote for hope. Never mind if they haven’t got the manifesto fixed, but move away from the one that will perpetuate the country’s indebtedness and enhance the wealth of corrupt and morally unacceptable BN.

Anonymous 2475871497500343: By using his analogy, a vote for PAS would be a vote for Umno and ultimately, a vote for corruption and Talibanism.

Anonymous 2439891477538802: PAS can now be considered a ‘fitnah’ (slander) party because they have made allegations without a shred of evidence.

Right now, many would consider PAS as the lackeys of Umno. I believe as Muslims, they shouldn’t make accusations without proof. Otherwise, they are insulting their religion and are only chasing their own shadow.

Are PAS-induced three-cornered fights an exaggerated demon?

Anonymous_3e21: Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno is anything if not the most hated party at the moment, and PAS is losing not only their traditionally anti-Umno supporters but has also lost much of their own intellectual members. Umno too has lost many good members as well.

With former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the high gear, the confidence of people is on the uptrend. Harapan minus PKR is the most ideal combination at the moment, since the people want to see seriousness in getting rid of Najib’s Umno.

A three-cornered or four-cornered fight does not matter anymore, as GE14 will be the best platform for the people to get rid of the present brutal regime.

Headhunter: Since the opposition has already decided to exclude PAS from the coalition, it’s time they start to attack PAS as one that is in cahoots with BN.

And the way to attack them is to convince PAS supporters that the party is no longer what it was before. There is very little time left, and if they don’t start to target PAS now, a couple of weeks down the line would be too late.

Robbed: We on the ground are confident that Harapan can win without PAS. Some leaders in PKR are selfish, that is why they continue to beg PAS.

If Harapan can tell the people their progressive plans to propel Malaysia forward, people will understand. There is no need to demonise PAS too much, as it may hurt some. PAS’ action will kill itself.

Victor Johan: It is pertinent that all the leaders and supporters of these Harapan components engage with the people at large to explain and convince them what changes a new government can and will do for the betterment of the nation.

Quit engaging with the hardcore PAS leaders headed by their president Abdul Hadi Awang immediately.

Instead, meet the many PAS party members and supporters, have frequent dialogue sessions with them all, explain factually why their voting at the coming GE14 for any of the PAS candidates would actually mean that Umno would be the ultimate winner.

WG321: What is PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and company waiting for? Their one-sided love affair with PAS will lead them nowhere.

If they love PAS so much and cannot let go, just join PAS – this will solve their problems. Maybe they want to wait for Hadi Awang to give them a kick, only then do they wake up.

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has lost touch with the fast-changing political landscape in the country.

The PAS before GE13 and the PAS facing GE14 are two different political creatures.

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