YOURSAY | ‘It’s a non-Muslim event and PAS is imposing their religious values on non-Muslims.’

YOURSAY | ‘It’s a non-Muslim event and PAS is imposing their religious values on non-Muslims.’

Surely better things to do than banning Better Beer Fest


PAS leader fumes over ‘Better Beer Fest’

your say1yrsaybeerAnonymous 2413471460628504: I read that the father who raped his daughter more than 600 times first committed the dastardly act when they performed umrah in Mecca.

PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor said “there is no guarantee that the (beer) event would not lead to crime, free sex, rape…”.

It would appear that performing umrah is no guarantee either that monsters would still behave like monsters. Perhaps Riduan should consider that some people are just evil, and it has nothing to do with beer, or the religion one espouses.

Commentable: The opinion of Riduan shows an intolerant and extremist mind. Malaysia is secular and although Islam is the official region of the country under the Constitution, it is not Islamic to the point of being a Taliban state.

Businesses need to move on to cater to the market supply and demand, both for the Muslim and non-Muslim communities respectively.

Not too long ago, PAS under the late Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat, did not disturb and pry into non-Muslim affairs so long as it doesn’t concern the Muslims.

Today, these extremists demand compliance according to their religion and ideas. Imagine the consequence when party president Abdul Hadi Awang’s hudud law becomes reality.

The “Better Beer Festival 2017” is a beer-tasting event which takes place at the Publika shopping mall. It is not a free-flowing, free for all drinking session in some sleazy joint in the backyard of some red-light district.

It is beyond logic trying to fathom how Riduan came to fantasise that the event will lead to “crime, free sex, rape and other vices”.

Dizzer: Commentable, Islam is not the ‘official’ religion of the federation. Certainly, it has assumed the role of unofficial ‘official’ religion but that’s not in the Constitution, which is secular.

Anonymous 2483331501732945: Allow a little freedom, brother. It certainly won’t result in baby-dumping incidents down the road as Muslims won’t be involved.

Perhaps a beer fest allows the youth to engage in a relatively healthier form of entertainment than doing drugs and “ketom” sessions.

MA: Time and again, statistics have shown that Kelantan has the highest number of incest cases, HIV carriers and a host of other social ills that happen under the very noses of these PAS zealots. I wonder, which beer they drank?

MyMalaysia: What an illogical statement and claims. The rape cases are overwhelmingly happening in Malaysia, but not at such events. Check the statistics in Kelantan, please.

The Constitution allows others to practice their beliefs. So stop talking rubbish. Focus on corruption, education and help the poor.

You have no right to control people’s lifestyle which does not break the law. I wish PAS gets wiped out in all seats and BN wins Kelantan.

Doc: “Society will not tolerate the violation of God’s laws. They will be under pressure and this will lead to extremist activities,” Riduan said in a statement published by Harakah Daily on Sunday.

Dear Riduan, just to point out that as per the ruling of the Court of Appeals here in Malaysia, Allah and the Christian God are not the same.

As for Christianity, beer is not haram. Even the monks in the older times used to brew beer. It was brewed then not to be consumed to have a good time but as an alternative source of clean water.

So, my dear Riduan, don’t waste time preaching righteous mumbo jumbo and leave the kafirs alone to have a good time.

P Dev Anand Pillai: First find out why, even without alcohol, there are so many rapes of minors in a particular society? Is there any attempt at addressing this?

We can continue to lock up these characters for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent. Instead of blaming alcohol, find out what is wrong with a particular society first.

Drifter: PAS leaders say that when they want to amend Act 355, it will not affect non-Muslims. This is a non-Muslim event and they are already imposing their values and religion on non-Muslims.

Hplooi: Can reasonable people now see that PAS is a reactionary party that believes in an outdated romanticism (i.e. the romanticism of a bygone, so-called, golden age of Islam), which will destroy Malaysia and destabilise the whole of Asean?

A vote for PAS is a vote for Islamic Wahhabism and a vote for the Umno-Kleptocracy.

FairMind: It’s better for PAS to mind next month’s anti-kleptocracy rally than to mind the beer fest. Beers are drunk by non-Muslims and also people from other parts of the world who come to Malaysia.

Does PAS think there are no other people other than Muslims in Malaysia and in the planet such that it wants to meddle into other people’s affairs?

It is unbelievably ignorant to say that drinking beers will cause rapes and other vices.

Odysseus: Muslims are not invited to the event. If they chose to ignore their own religious teaching and attend a gathering which serves beer, I guess the problem is with the religious teaching.

Please do not blame others. You might want to suggest to Kelantan government to build a commune to house people like yourself who are overly sensitive and easily influenced.

Rakyatians: I don’t drink beer and I will not go to the event. I am not offended by the beer fest as I respect other people’s choices.

You are offended and are highly sensitive because you and your party has a very narrow perspective of religion and constantly dictate everybody (including non-Muslims) to follow your precepts.

Anonymous #70881335: Why are PAS leaders so vocal and sensitive against little things that non-Muslims are allowed, and yet, said nothing about the rampant corruption and leakages happening in the country?

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