YOURSAY | ‘Every time an extremist screams his head off, are we going to cave in?’

YOURSAY | ‘Every time an extremist screams his head off, are we going to cave in?’

Redrawing fault lines in multi-religious M’sia


IGP: Police received info on plans to sabotage Better Beer Fest

Anonymous #4419988: I do appreciate the police in looking after the interest and welfare of the public. However, if every time an extremist was to scream his head off, are we going to cave in?

Why should Malaysians live our lives to the dictates of these extremists? Why should Malaysians change and compromise their values and beliefs for these extremists?

If we cave in now, tomorrow they will issue threats on what we eat, where we eat, what we wear, who we befriend, where we live, who we worship, where we worship.

When are we going to draw the line and say enough is enough?

Meerkat: In Western countries, this action by the police is tantamount to an admission of defeat to the terrorists. The duty of the police is to protect the public so that the people can go about their daily lives without fear.

If someone threatens the meeting of a major political party, will that meeting be called off, too?

Anonymous 1811351504586755: This is just an excuse to comply with the wish of political masters in denying a social/commercial event to carry on.

Mr IGP (inspector-general of police), it is your job to ensure our society is not held to ransom by politicians or terrorists.

Demi Rakyat: So every time there’s a threat against anything, cancel the event? Is this the way the police are supposed to act and behave?

The police are supposed to ensure that any threat is forcefully nipped in the bud and those involved are arrested instead of just cancelling an event.

For this case, the police had information on the extremists, so what exactly did the police do?

Vgeorgemy: We can’t compare the Las Vegas massacre with our case. In the US, everyone has the right to own firearms under Second Amendment of their constitution. This is one of the fundamental rights of US citizens.

They have a history of gun violence against their presidents, civil activists, law enforcement authorities and their own people.

In Malaysia, the death sentence is imposed if you own firearms without proper police permit. We have very strict laws and enforcement against illegal firearms. So we can eliminate the threat of gun violence from 99.99% of the population.

Yes, we need to concern about organised terrorist attack. This can’t be avoided as we have seen attacks against entertainment outlets recently. The patrons of these outlets, in going to such entertainment outlets, are aware of such risks.

Whatever political colour we may wear, we do appreciate the capability of our security forces in handling such incidents swiftly.

Johor MB defends JB Oktoberfest, says not promoted openly

Clever Voter: Johor MB Khaled Nordin did the right thing. Treat the event as no different than any other private function, all will be okay. Besides, beer consumption has been a decline over the years.

Oktoberfest is a German thing. It’s more meaningful to celebrate local festivals that have been part of our traditions and culture in this country.

Rick Teo: The rakyat can see the double standards. It’s okay to hold the beer festival in BN states but not in opposition states. The more BN practices such double standards, the angrier the people will be.

Anonymous #40538199: I am confused. Are we now in a situation where regardless of whether the event was regularly held previously, if it does not please PAS now, it is deemed as not respecting their religious sensitivity and therefore may lead to chaos if the event is allowed to be held, as such Umno/BN will agree with the law enforcement agencies to ban it on security or safety ground?

Drngsc: Dear Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii, what are liberal western values and what are Eastern values, and what are Middle Eastern/Arabic values? Which are you promoting?

Is buying a RM500,000 watch an Eastern value? Is making the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie Eastern value? Is playing the stock market Eastern value? Is using the internet Eastern value?

Hopeful123: Eastern values? So, can we have toddy and samsu fests? What about a tapai fest? They are Eastern in origin.

Why not just eat plain rice with dried fish and belacan and stop eating at KFC, McDonald’s, etc? Guess who are the most popular customers at these outlets?

Anonymous 568201438363345: Our country is becoming more divided by the day under the current ruling coalition.

Corruption has been unprecedented in our country and even in this world and nothing is being done or can be done about it. And yet, they are busy talking about beer… whatever happens to mutual respect in our diverse culture and ethnicity?

When it comes to religion, greater care and tolerance should be exercised as a thing that can be accepted by one does not necessary means it can be accepted by another. And it is vice versa on all fronts.

Our strength and our values coming from our diverse cultures and races are being eroded by all these irresponsible politicians led by our Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and the likes of MCA and MIC leaders.

For myself, I will just enjoy the promo on German cuisine, minus the beer.

Oscar Kilo: You slam German culture but you obsess over German cars. You hypocrites.

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