YOURSAY | And you expect the people to believe that DAP call the shots in Pakatan?

Yoursay: Hadi wants ‘Muslim-only’ cabinet, yet calls DAP racist


Hadi: Nik Aziz noticed ‘problems’ with DAP

Anonymous: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, why didn’t you tell all when the late PAS spiritual leader, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, was still alive? You know that dead men tell no tales.

And you expect the people to believe that DAP calls the shots in Pakatan Harapan, and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a puppet on a string?

Quigonbond: So Nik Aziz was concerned about DAP’s alleged increasing use of racial and religious rhetoric? Hadi, please show actual evidence, otherwise this is all fabrication and conjecture, with not an ounce of truth.

You are still stuck behind time. Umno has moved on from race and religion because they know that the message has been effectively neutralised with Bersatu now leading the opposition.

That’s why they have been harping (and miserably failing) on things like Dr M’s old age, about a non-issue in the Penang tunnel project, etc, and that’s why suddenly there is this scrambling to control the damage caused by hyperstore Mydin’s comment on the loss of purchasing power even while the gross domestic product figures look good for a few people.

And probably it is also why they are scrambling to pass a fake news legislation that is surely intended to clamp down on news about scandals involving BN and the PM.

If you want to show yourself as a credible alternative, start talking about the policies you have to offer. So far, your apartheid cabinet idea has been shot down.

Anything else?

Hot Khong: What specific examples can Hadi provide of DAP’s racial and religious rhetoric? On the other hand, we can give many examples of Hadi’s race-mongering, including his call for a Muslim-only cabinet.

Proarte: Talking about racism, it was Hadi who said non-Malays should be “pak turut” or mere “followers” because Islam is supreme.

Hadi also showed us his take on democracy by denigrating local elections claiming it would lead to Chinese dominance and suppression of Malays.

So who is fanning racial and religious sentiments?

When will Malays wake up and realise that religious leaders like Hadi, whom they rely on for spiritual guidance, are in fact self-serving liars and racist bigots.

Islam gets a bad name because of the behaviour of such leaders and their willing followers.

Slumdog: It is PAS and Umno who are the champions of continuous racial and religious rhetoric. Hadi has the gall to accuse DAP of such behaviour. Their supporters will no doubt swallow this nonsense from him.

I don’t know how he can make such statements without any corroboration or evidence. It must be a figment of his puerile imagination.

PAS and Umno come from the same mould, and it would be unbelievable if PAS joins Umno/BN to form the government after GE14.

Just think of all the dregs and nutcases becoming ministers. It will be a case of the lunatics running the asylum.

Iiiizzzziiii: For Hadi to go to a place that is off limits to the living is very, very sad indeed. Never ever put words in a dead person’s mouth.

He is no spiritual leader or whatever titles people want to address him.

And if his followers believe in what he says, then it is a clear reflection that they are all air heads who can’t tell the difference between a holy day and a holiday.

Anonymous 428911434555133: Indeed, why did Hadi wait until Nik Aziz is dead before saying such things?

This man is now singing the same song as Umno, something he dared not do when Nik Aziz was still alive. He is a dangerous and untrustworthy man – the worst kind of leader.

Ozzie Jo: Yes, this really stinks to high heaven. To put words into the mouth of a person who is no longer around, you had better be careful.

None of us live forever and ultimately, every one – and that includes you – is accountable to God for all our deeds and words, explicit or implicit. Ponder over that.

Clever Voter: Hadi is neither a priest nor a saint. He is also very incoherent with his thoughts. His knowledge is flawed, and his motives are now clear to many.

He had every opportunity to make PAS a credible party after Nik Aziz’s departure, but he chose to ride on the corrupt establishment, so much so that he appears to have forgotten the true purpose of why he entered politics in the first place.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Seeing that your influence is waning, you invoke Tok Guru’s name to lend credibility to your lies. What you claim others are doing, you yourself are practising, i.e, racial baiting and bigotry.

Do not sully the memory of a great man of principles, the late Tok Guru, who practised Islam as it should be, and made it attractive enough to have a non-Muslim supporters’ club.

Tpn: When he was around, Nik Aziz was worried about some PAS leaders leaning towards Umno and put a stop to any cooperation between both parties.

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