YOURSAY | Do the rest of us not want whats in the ‘Manifesto for the 99%’?

Yoursay: Change is taking the first step


A manifesto for the true progressive alternative

Gandhi: Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong’s points are valid but impossible in the current situation.

Gabungan Kiri and other leftist groups lack the maturity and wisdom to realise that the country is still on fire, a fire started by the kleptocrats and Taliban fanboys. They need to be removed first, and allow Pakatan Harapan to restore the institutions by replacing all who have failed to do their duties.

If BN wins again, then in five or 10 years’ time we may end up like a version of Afghanistan, with PAS allied to BN as a puppet of Umno, which will be paid in turn with positions and contracts.

I, too, am an affected party of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s racial policies introduced during his 22-year reign. Nevertheless, he is the one who may be able to sway all races to support Harapan, including those who have voted the “dacing” (scales, the BN logo) for decades.

He can succeed where jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim previously failed.

Ultimately: Someone of Kua’s experience and knowledge should know full well that what he asks for in the “Manifesto for the 99%” is near impossible in a single leap.

Change can only come with a change of government. Any third force, if they cannot mount a credible and winnable challenge to BN, can scream and #UndiRosak all they want, but they will never achieve their goal.

Instead, they will merely perpetuate the status quo while they sulk and scream for another five years. What they never write about is where Malaysia is likely to be in five years.

So, what does one call all this? Soapbox grandstanding? Unrealistic is a kind word. Naive, maybe. Or it could be worse. I will not venture there, but people can make up their own minds about such voices.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: This is too idealistic in the immediate term. The election is but a few months away.

However, it is plausible in the long-term, when some real change in the national psyche has taken place through a realisation of the majority/dominant race that it is useless and meaningless to inherit a nation where one has to struggle to survive, even though you may be the ‘tuan’.

Miss Z: Does this Gabungan Kiri – which by the way is just PSM and an assortment of miniscule leftist kids – think that the items in the manifesto are not desired by everyone else who is voting for Harapan?

If these people are such staunch adherents of Karl Marx, they should remember what he said: “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.”

Now, is there a greater likelihood of change with throwing a tantrum that no PSM candidates are standing in your constituency – since they are only competing in a handful – or is it wiser to just bring BN down first, so we can, after 60 years of their authoritarian rule, at least make the first step?

We’re on the same side, Ambiga tells #UndiRosak supporters

Dingy: In any election, there is a winner and a loser. BN has been in power for 60 years. Those who advocate #UndiRosak should know whether BN is a good government or not.

If it is good, then vote for BN, otherwise vote for change. You cannot bring about change by spoiling your votes. If you don’t like both, there is nothing you can do, because either one will eventually emerge as the winner.

Existential Turd: I think the #UndiRosak campaign goes deeper than mere changing the government. It wants to change the “ketuanan” mindset that animates the entire polity in Malaysia. That is the root cause of all the ills in Malaysia.

In a sense, we gained independence from ketuanan British, only to be ruled by ketuanan Melayu. From one ketuanan to the next. The people haven’t really gained meaningful independence.

From that perspective, Harapan and BN are not that much different. Voting for Harapan merely postpones the day of reckoning.

The supporters of Harapan are exhibiting classic Stockholm syndrome. They have been living under the thumb of “ketuananism”. Anything that is slightly less odious suddenly appears to be angelic to them.

Note that even Harapan failed to stand up for PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli after his prison sentence. Their second-tier leaders only issued some statements after being goaded to by PSM. And we expect them to protect the people? Action (or non-action) speaks louder than words.

V George My: We have now two distinct political choices in front of us. One is the politics of divisiveness and other is politics of alliance of values with a shared commitment to achieving a progressive society.

It is for us to build a future with everyone having the share of the nation’s wealth, resources and protection, irrespective of race, religion or sexual orientation.

We know the youth are saying they are here, they can wait as the time is on their side. We are not disputing that fact. Whatever disappointment we may have, we need everyone to build a just society based on our shared destiny.

Clever Voter: Both Ambiga Sreenevasan and #UndiRosak are not on the same side. Although both may not like the system, they have both different objectives and outcomes.

Sadly #UndiRosak is neither here nor there. They cannot offer solutions and their lack of transparency leads many to believe they are part of the establishment. Even if is not true, it may turn out to be that way.

Anonymous_3f4b: Ambiga is wrong. They are never on the same side. Bersih wants to change the present government to their cronies, Harapan.

#UndiRosak, meanwhile, has lost faith with both BN and Harapan and seek to spoil the votes to send a message that they are not with both systems of governance.

The proponents of #UndiRosak have as much right to spoil their votes as Bersih wants to vote for their cronies and it is a legitimate form of democratic expression in the absence of any law barring the same.

HP Looi: Indeed, it is every citizen’s right to vote, not to vote or spoil their votes.

However, the #UndiRosak to campaign for Malaysians to spoil their votes undermines their argument; that is, the government and the opposition are at the same level of corruption, ergo don’t vote for any party.

This is because spoiling votes will promote stasis in Malaysian politics, resulting in no change. It’s the same fatalistic mindset: “Since I am fated to be poor, I may as well accept my fate and just do nothing.”

That’s exactly what the Umno fascists want you to think. One spoilt vote is one vote more for them.

While the attacks on activist Maryam Lee for her #UndiRosak activism are deplorable, this does not mean we cannot be sceptical of her motives.

Instead of campaigning for spoilt votes (which promotes political stasis), campaigners should direct their activism towards keeping an eagle eye on Mahathir and his party, holding them to their promise of a fairer system.

Have A GreatDay: We will only know, when the elections results are in, how effective the #UndiRosak campaign has been to thwart change in our country.

But, even if it is the cause for Umnoputras to retain control of Putrajaya, or, God forbid, to get back its two-thirds majority in Parliament, so be it.

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