• K. Siladass, June 3, 2018.


There is a Tamil folklore which explains who is a hero and what constitutes heroism. An ailing chieftain of a hunters’ clan decided to choose his successor. Following the clan’s tradition, the chieftain summoned his two sons and in the presence of his folks men announced that the duo should go for hunting and return with their prey. This being the tradition that had been practised by the ancestors, it shall be strictly complied with. The two brothers went into the jungle to hunt for their prey.


The older son returned very quickly, proudly holding up the rabbit he had caught.  The chieftain was glad and the folks were excited at the sight of the older son with his prey. They reckoned that he had acted as speed as the wind.


The chieftain and the folks waited for the return of the other son so that the proclamation could be properly made. Hours passed and there was no sign of him. At long last he showed up. Everyone was shocked to see a despondent, forlorn, miserable and empty-handed son. The crowd was sorry to see his pathetic state. The young fellow went up to his father and said, “I’m sorry. I could not get anything. I failed.”


The chieftain father was curious to know where he had been for so long.  The young man answered: “I went into the elephants’ jungle but was unsuccessful in catching one.”


The chieftain was pleasantly surprised. He embraced the young man and said: “You are the real hero. You ventured into elephant’s jungle about which I never thought of and none of our ancestors had ever dreamt of doing. You attempted something heroic none had ever in his wildest dream endeavoured to do so. You did a brave thing. You dared when others had and would have avoided.  You are the real hero. It is not the prize that matters but the brave attitude you exhibited is important.” He then proclaimed his younger son as his successor. The chieftain considered the deed, braveness involved. Thus, the moral of the story is: it is not the result that is important, but the quality of the result, the courage, bravery which have to be considered.


Liew Chin Tong, the Pakatan Harapan candidate for Air Hitam parliamentary constituency, could have looked for a safe-seat, or remained in Kluang where he had served before. As a warrior who obeys the command of his leader, he went to Air Hitam where victory was not guaranteed. He was a stranger to the constituency but a warrior carrying the message of a clean and just government. He had to accept the challenge which he did. Provisionally, Chin Tong may have lost Air Hitam, but, he worked hard and ensured Pakatan Harapan ousted the out-moded and corrupt Barisan National in Johore, presumably for good, which also witnessed unseating of UMNO and its partners in Putra Jaya. He has indeed won. Chin Tong, is an invincible warrior.


Date: 1/6/2018