Bring Justice To Sri Lanka

Bring Justice To Sri Lanka

UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts (PoE) report in 2010  found credible allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian human rights law were committed both by the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE during the last phase of the war in 2009, some of which would amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“Amnesty International believes that given Sri Lanka’s long history of impunity, lack of apparent political will to address ongoing violations and enormous backlog of unresolved cases of violations, effective investigation and prosecution of all wrongdoers (including commanding officers) is very unlikely without the active support of the international community.”

Yes! You can bring justice to the victims of war in Sri Lanka by urging/demanding our Malaysian Government to vote in favour of a resolution at the current 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council Meeting in Geneva:-

a) To establish an independent international mechanism to investigate war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Sri Lanka;

b) To address accountability for the violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by all sides in the final phases of the war in Sri Lanka in 2009.

c) To discuss and implement both Sri Lankan Government’s  Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report and the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts (PoE) report in 2010 in order to bring lasting peace, justice and reconciliation to the people of Sri Lanka.

Hard evidence on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the last phase of the war can be seen on videos of UK’s Channel 4 network at




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– Group of Concerned Citizens



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