Anwar: Five companies willing to loan Pakatan jets

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim maintains that there is nothing wrong with him or other Pakatan Rakyat leaders travelling by jet.

Speaking to roughly 200 residents of Desa Ayer Hitam Puchong today, the PKR de facto leader joked that five jet companies were at present prepared to lend him their jets.

“When we take a bus, we get splashed with paint. When we take a car, we get hit with stones.

“So we take a jet. So that they cannot throw stones at us, it may hit them back in the face,” he said.

“There are indeed companies that will loan us jets. In the past they wouldn’t, but now they would because they know we will win (the election).”

He was referring to Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia making an issue of his jet trip to Labuan last month.