YOURSAY | ‘Some honest hard-working people couldn’t even get PR status despite being in our country for years.’

Instant permanent residence for Zakir, long queues for others


Zahid confirms Zakir Naik has PR status in Malaysia

your say1a zakirSusahKes: Look to whom Malaysia opens its doors to – North Korean businesses, ICs (identity cards) for Bangladeshi nationals, and now this – PR (permanent resident) status for an Indian national who is facing charges of money laundering and terrorism activities back in his home country.

But we are good in shunning real geniuses. For example, former world No 1 golfer Vijay Singh had once applied for PR in Malaysia, only to have his application rejected.

Imagine, if Vijay Singh was actually given PR; we would have a top golfer in our midst. Instead, we have to be content with the likes of this alleged criminal hiding in our country.

Simple Malaysian: Dear fellow readers, I think we should read between the lines of what DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

He was not the home minister when Zakir became a PR. It was the “other guy” who approved it. What does this tell us?

Odin Tajué: If what Zahid said is true, the home minister at the time when Zakir Naik was granted PR status was Hishammuddin Hussein.

That Hishammuddin granted the status comes as no surprise. His stance towards religions other than Islam is best seen not only in his support of the infamous cow-head protest mounted in 2009 in Shah Alam by Muslims extremists who threatened and insulted Hindus and Hinduism, but also in his defence of those extremists. He said those extremists just wanted their voices to be heard.

This statement by Zahid also tells us that his deputy, Nur Jazlan Mohamed, hid the truth when he (Nur Jazlan) stated, as per a report published on the Nov 27 last year, that Zakir Naik was not a Malaysian citizen.

Obviously, he conveniently neglected to mention that Zakir has been given permanent resident status. Of course, this is not something unusual with BN politicians. They habitually tell either outright lies or only half-truths.

Please, can we try to impart clear and correct information? One minute Zahid was implied to have said that Zakir did not “stay” (the correct word is “live”) in Malaysia, but in the next minute, he was quoted to have said that Zakir was also “staying” in other countries.

This is a contradiction; it is ambiguous. Zakir “also living in other countries” means that he does live in Malaysia.

My understanding is that someone granted PR status may travel to other countries (for the purpose of work, business or holiday) and stay in those countries, but he or she must live in the country that has awarded the status.

If my understanding is correct, and if Zakir in fact only stays in Malaysia (as he also has bases in other countries), then his PR status must be revoked.

Anonymous_1421806811: Whatever it is, Zakir Naik is a wanted man in India and his TV show is banned even in Muslim Bangladesh. Those who initiated bombings in Dhaka were allegedly influenced by his ideologies.

For all his talks about Islam and his condemnation of other faiths, he has completely forgotten this Quranic commandment:

“But do not revile those whom they invoke instead of God, lest they revile God out of spite, and in ignorance: for, goodly indeed have We made their own doings appear unto every community In time, [however,] unto their Sustainer they must return: and then He will make them [truly] understand all that they were doing.” (Quran 6:108).

Zakir is indeed a false preacher, an instigator, and he has not made the image of Islam any better.

Drngsc: Indeed, he is wanted by the Indian government. He is a fugitive. Please return him to India to face trial. If he is cleared of wrongdoing, he may return.

With the North Korean fugitive, we applied to Interpol to seek his return. Now, we are harbouring a fugitive.

India is a friendly country. Yet we will not cooperate with our friend. It shows how sincere we are as a friend.

James_3392: That an Indian fugitive, where the investigating agency is seeking an Interpol red notice, can be granted PR status in Malaysia is mind boggling.

By the way, are we still hoping to be granted free visa travel to US as Zahid promised years ago?

Worldly Wise: There are many foreign women who are married to Malaysian citizens who are for years lingering in this country without even permanent residence status.

Why is this Muslim man who runs down other religions given permanent residence status instead of being expelled?

He will create discord. He will surely disturb the harmony nurtured over the many years. People of differing religions are living here in peace and harmony.

Rupert16: Yes, some honest hardworking people could not even get PR status despite being in our country for years. They pay taxes, have seen their children grow up and some are already grandfathers/grandmothers.

However, an alleged money launderer and a hate preacher like Zakir Naik was able to get his PR so easily.

Legit: What else do we not know? How many terrorists are hiding in Malaysia and what kind of support are they getting in this country? What kind of activities ISIS (Islamic State) and other terrorist groups are conducting in the country?

What is the connection between the ultra-Muslims in this country and the Muslim extremists and fanatics from around the world? The Malaysian government has a duty to inform all Malaysians.

Dalvik: In the first place, a person who is wanted by his country of origin should be stripped off his PR status.

So what’s next? When will we know if he is granted citizenship?

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